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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nunc Dimittis...

Hello Reader,

If you're reading this, hoping to get an update into the lives of Max, Nat and Zack, then I must say that I'm truly amazed at your dedication, given that I haven't written on this blog for over two years.

Round about the time of my penultimate post, I was feeling the pressure of having to write a full length post every week, but I kept on telling myself that I could do it. Then I slipped by one week... and another... and another... until it became fairly obvious that I was unlikely to make a new post any time soon. Still, I kept on kidding myself that I would 'one day' resurrect this blog, but not too long ago, I realised that this was simply not going to happen.

So with this message, I formally bring to an end the postings on this blog. The good news is that the tales of Max, Nat and Zack are in the process of being rewritten on Naija Stories, and in all likelihood, their future adventures will be chronicled there too.

So for anyone who has ever read a post here, thanks for reading, and see you around on Naija Stories.